Noise Cans is a Bermudian DJ/Producer with an unique sound and style that fuses authentic Caribbean genres with contemporary EDM. He has been featured in Billboard, Vogue, Fader and more. Noise Cans is truly a musical and sensory experience. His debut EP "Masquerave" catapulted him into the spotlight with artist collaborations including ASTR, Jesse Royal, I-Octane, Yellow Claw and more. Noise Can's energy and aesthetic has attracted the attention of art moguls such as Nick Cave. He's performed at the Armory show and toured globally.

It's not only his sound that stands out. On stage, Noise Cans appears in modern interpretations of Gombey masks, an iconic symbol of Bermuda born of resistance to authority. Flanked by vibrant dancers in intricate masquerade costumes, the result is an electrifying display of culture, passion and music, continuing the tradition of rebellion wherever he goes.

Noise Cans has toured the world with Steve Aoki and is also signed to Aoki's Dim Mak Records. His releases include "Caan Dun ft Louise Chantal", "No War ft Jesse Royal " — both singles off of the debut EP "Masquerave". Other releases include "Know Bout ft Bunji Garlin" and "Do It Like Ah Pro" ft. Skinny Fabulous on Jillionaire's Feel Up Records.

 Caan Dun ft Louise Chantal
 Know Bout ft Bunji Garlin
 No War ft Jesse Royal
 Takin Ova ft I-Octane