Warrior King is a Rastafarian singer from Jamaica known internationally for his uplifting and empowering reggae music. King first rose to prominence in 2001 when his debut single "Virtuous Woman" catapulted to the top of reggae charts worldwide. In 2008, Barack Obama then President of the United States publicly declared "Virtuous Woman" as one of his favorite songs and Warrior King as one of his favorite reggae artists on CNN Live and NBC.

Warrior King continues to release a steady stream of hits including "Never Go Where Pagans Go", "Jah is Always There" and "Baby Girl" which topped the reggae charts in Japan. On June 11th, 2017, Byron W Brown, Mayor of the City of Buffalo declared the day as 'Mark "Warrior King" Dyer Day'.

Warrior King's concerts are as enlightening as they are entertaining. The message in his music is religious tolerance and peace between all. He explains "I don't just sing music, I sing music with a purpose, a mission and love". Warrior King has toured extensively across the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the Caribbean.
 Baby Girl
 Cant Get Me Down
 Empress So Divine
 Jah is Always There
 Never Go Where Pagans Go
 Virtuous Woman