The Red Eye crew is a group of 4 singers and dancers from the island of St. Martin. REC was formed in 1998 by 3 brothers, Skelet, Cardo and Jahny-P from the French side of the island. The 4th member Dizzell-Bueno joined in 1999.

Raised on a multi-cultural island, famous for being the smallest island shared by two nations, REC was exposed to vast array of musical genres. These varied musical influences led to the development of a unique sound that is so versatile it is virtually impossible to define. REC calls their music 'Dance-All'.

Dance-All is a pot-pourri of reggae with urban flavours, a touch of EDM, soca and French Caribbean influences. Their first video "FIY" (2008) became an unofficial tourism commercial for Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. They followed in 2009 with 'Kalala', a song so popular and influential in Europe it created slang words such as Kalarific, Kalafari, Kalamity that are still in use today.

While several other releases would follow including 2017's "Good Good" and the high energy "Touch Di Road" the use of their high-energy "Can You Keep Up" by Zumba instructors worldwide sparked a viral phenomenon with #canyoukeepup becoming a hashtag with fitness enthusiasts around the globe. This led to even greater demand for performances by REC, who had already shared stages and records with industry heavyweights such as Wyclef and Rick Ross.

REC's ability to switch effortlessly between several languages including English, French, Creole, Spanish and Dutch removed virtually all-borders from their reach. They are highly desired performers throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.
 Bend Back
 Can You Keep Up
 Good Good
 Touch Di Road
 You Bad (Explicit)