Etana is a Grammy Nominated reggae soul singer/songwriter who focuses on uplifting messages and inspirational music. Etana, whose name means "the strong one" in Swahili is widely considered as the leading female voice in contemporary reggae music. She rose to prominence in 2006 with her breakthrough track "Wrong Address", an emotive lament reflecting the lack of employment prospects for Jamaicans living in violence-plagued communities. The fusion of acoustic folk with roots reggae cadences and strains of neo soul influences heard in "Wrong Address" would become her signature sound. "Wrong Address" reached number 1 on several Jamaican charts.

Etana's critically lauded debut album "The Strong One" included the duet with Italian reggae artist Alborosie "Blessings w Alborosie" and her unwavering declaration of self-assurance "I Am Not Afraid".

She has since amassed an impressive catalog with a diverse range of releases including "Roots", "Reggae (Your'e the One)" and "Better Tomorrow". The Strong Army, her intensely loyal fan-base have helped in making Etana one of the most in-demand reggae artists. In 2018 Etana made history by becoming the first female in 21 years to be nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Reggae Album.

 Better Tomorrow
 Blessings w Alborosie
 I Am Not Afraid
 I Rise
 People Talk
 Reggae (Your'e the one)
 Richest Girl
 Rock My Body
 Wrong Address