Everton Blender is an award-winning reggae singer from Jamaica known for his distinctive tenor vocals, up-tempo arrangements and inspirational themes. His unique sound can be best described as a successful blend of roots reggae and dancehall music.

Blender first rose to prominence after signing with Startrail Records in the 1990's. His hits including "We No Jus a Come", "Ghetto People Song" and "Lift Up Your Head" would be prominent among the cultural renaissance in dancehall music.

In 2016 Blender became the first roots reggaae artist to tour China LIVE VIDEO. He has also toured Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and South America frequently. His charismatic stage performance and positive, uplifting catalog make him a festival favorite.
 Bring Di Kutchie
 Family Man
 Ghetto People Song
 Lift Up Your Head
 Piece of the Blenda
 We No Jus a Come