Kassiano is a Jamaican-born singer/actor who has lived in Mexico for most of his life. He first rose to fame in Mexico and Latin America after releasing "Ay Cosita Linda", the hit single from his debut album that featured what would be come his signature sound; a unique blend of Mexican banda music with original Jamaican/Caribbean flavors.

Kassiano's latest hit "Bote de Bananas" has been featured on programs such as "Sabado Gigante", "Un Nuevo Dia" and CNN Latino. Kassiano has appeared on several festivals throughout Latin America, the Miss Mexico World Pageant and he has also shared the stage with artists such as Julio Iglesias and Paul Anka. A multi-lingual multi-instrumentalist with a commanding stage presence and unique sound; Kassiano is pure entertainment in any language.
 Ay Cosita Linda
 Bote de Bananas
 Lady Love
 No Quiero Vivir Sin Ti
 Oh Carol