Junior Kelly was born Keith Morgan, the youngest of five children into a musical family in Kingston, Jamaica. Both his father and grandfather played banjo, and his mother sang at their local church. His older brother Sylvester was making a name for himself as a rapper/deejay under the alias Jim Kelly before meeting a tragic death in 1983 when Kelly was still a teen.

Within a few years of his brother's death, Kelly resolved to pick up where his brother left off, and became a deejay himself. Using a variation of his brother's name Junior Kelly released his first single, "Over Her Body," at the age of 16. Appearances on major Jamaican stages would follow in 1995, including the Reggae Sunsplash and Sting festivals.

Kelly's breakthrough single "Love So Nice" first charted in Europe before making its way back to Jamaica where it stayed on the top of the Jamaican charts for 15 weeks the longest-running number one hit that year. The album also called Love So Nice was greeted with rave reviews. Billboard called it a mature work from an "outstanding singer/DJ/reggae rapper," and predicted that Kelly would remain a force in the reggae world for a long time to come.

Junior Kelly continues to release hit songs such as "Smile", "Been There" and "Sick a Dem Story" with his unique blend of dancehall deejay music and more traditional roots reggae music.
 Been There
 Boom Draw
 Love So Nice
 More I See You
 Sick a Dem Story