The Baha Men is a Grammy Award winning group most well known for their smash hit "Who Let The Dogs Out". A complete band of skilled World-Beat musicians, the Baha Men's unique sound blends traditional Bahamian rhythms called Junkanoo with other Caribbean genres and popular music. [WATCH FULL CONCERT VIDEO]

The Baha Men's many hits include "Gin and Coconut Water", their new single "Go" and several songs featured in film soundtracks such as "Best Years of Our Lives" (Shrek).

A winning combination of accessible, family-oriented yet authentic World Music, their exciting stage show and their popularity makes the Baha Men the ideal group for any venue, festival, university, summer concert series or fair.
 Best Years of Our Lives
 Funky Nassau
 Gin and Coconut Water
 Hakuna Matata
 Summer of Love
 Summertime Girls
 Who Let The Dogs Out
 You Can Get It